Armed with knowledge of WSG-SSG Application and Learning Management System (E-Commerce) Advice, we ‘re ready to assist new or establish businesses to realize alternate revenue from core business.

Whether you are:

  • Current WSQ-SSG Approved Training provider (WSQ & Non-WSQ)
  • Currently training provider but NOT WSQ-SSG Approved Training Provider
  • Corporation looking for alternative revenue by training or coaching
  • Individual Trainer/Instructor/Coach looking for alternate income

You had arrive at the right place where CFC Business Service will be able to assist with the following services:

A Learning Management System (LMS) can be just as important to course administrator and trainers as the content is to the learner. An LMS is usually a website-based system for course administrator and trainers to manage users, track performance, and content management. It is say that content is key, but in reality, alongside a learner who need to take courses and manage themselves, there are many who develop and manage a learning or training curriculum on a daily basis, and they all must have the necessary tools for online training to be successful.

From a learner’s perspective, an LMS can provide:

  • Navigation that direct them to available learning modules
  • Tracks their number of attempts on both the module and internal assessments
  • Store bookmark information
  • Additional sources and information
  • Certification of completion.

From a training provider’s perspective, an LMS can provide:

  • Content management system
  • Student participation statistic
  • Tracking Mechanism on student behavior
  • ELearning course material management
  • Student Engagement
  • E-Commerce

Our experience team will work with you to determine a LMS that best fits your E-Learning needs. We can offer you our off-the-shelf LMS, configuring and customize our off-the-shelf LMS, or develop a custom solutions for managing and administrating your learning modules. There are many LMS available and all have their positive and negative as it relates to your organization requirements, goals and objectives.

We can work with you to:

  • Consulting on the best LMS for your needs
  • Configuration and customization
  • Branded to your company identity
  • Integration into existing systems
  • Development of management/administration process.

Choosing a right LMS provider is crucial for WSG-SSG requirement, Contact us now to discuss the best fits solution.


We has produced numerous learning modules, all branded to our client’s identity, fitting into their objectives and developed to educate and engage their learner, using technology required to work seamlessly in their environments, and all within time and budget.

We created the course curriculum and the content using custom or off-the-shelf software. These courses are often developed for professional education, sales training, and customer education. Common development includes:

  • Custom HTML, HTML5 and flash training modules
  • Instructional design, script writing, and storyboard development
  • Info graphics and Analytics
  • Live Classes conversion.
  • ELearning Course Material Conversion
  • Blended Learning

Every project has different technical requirements and we work closely with our clients to fit the requirement, which includes:

  • Level of Interactivity
  • Level 1 (Passive Interaction): Screen-by-Screen or video with no real interaction
  • Level 2 (Limited Interaction): Simple interactions such as multiple choice and popup information
  • Level 3 (Moderate Interaction): More complex interactions such as drag and drop. Interaction has more logic and visuals.
  • Level 4 (Simulation or Real Time Interaction): Highest Level of interaction using complex, logic based simulations, games, or tools such as visuals, often putting a user in an environment.
  • Knowledge Checks and Survey

Integrate your classroom training to E-Learning training course (Blended)

Blende Learning can be implanted across different type of training situations. It’s not about which is more important; E-Learning or Classroom Training, it is about finding the balance that works for the learner and delivers results for your course.

Our experience E-Learning courses creator have the ability to design the process, from simple need-to-know information to more decision based simulations. We have a team of skillful designer who are flexible to provide alternatives/options based on the variables.

For blended learning, Classroom Training can be used at strategic intervals to accomplish a variety of following-up activities: Case Studies, Q&A, and New Applications for the Process, Improvement or Assessment.

Our Service provide training provider with course designer who can build a foundation with small modules session to replace part of the Classroom training and there are many advantage:

  • Short modular version provides refreshers that can be achieved with a quick look
  • Mobile versions allow anytime, anywhere or Just-in-time

By using our Service, we will assist the outline implication of new or changing course teaching method with our software, keeping lengthy process and meeting the objective.

Want to know more about crafting a blended learning approach that is right for your courses?

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Due to the complexity of WSG-SSG administration, Corporate and Training Partners face challenges in understanding the requirements and obligations of the system. Our in-depth knowledge and operational understanding of WSG-SSG procedures, we can assist you to the tedious application documents especially in E-Learning application. We adopt “hands-on” approach service on the following:

Non-WSQ Profile Application (For new corporation or for corporate who is looking to expand into training provider)

  • Preparation of Documents
  • Dos and Don’ts
  • Marketing Guideline

Non-WSQ Course Funding Application (For New or Existing Training Provider who is looking to conduct Classroom or E-Learning Courses)

  • Preparation of Documents
  • Dos and Don’ts
  • Type of Training (Classroom and/or E-Learning)