Course Details

Course Title: Business Management: Effective Event Management

Course Language: English

Qualification Required: All Level are welcome

Mode-Of-Training: Classroom

Duration: 9am - 6pm (Lunch break 1hr)

Job Level: Everyone who are responsible for preparing events

Event management is always filled with exciting and unpredictable moments starting from the stages of planning to the time an event closes. With the brand image of

This interactive course; refine, update and enhance on your event management skills. This course is here to address the various issues you may face as you plan your upcoming event, and to impart to you concepts that will help to smoothen your work processes from start to finish.

Course Objective

  • Recognise and apply the fundamentals of good planning in corporate events
  • Successfully execute on event day
  • Apply post-event actions as an important step in holistic event management practice

Course Content

Types of events organised by companies

Key success factors of good event planning and execution Ways to generate ideas for events

Pre-Event Planning & Execution

  • Determine the basic elements
    1. Objective
    2. Budget
    3. Audience and VIPs
    4. Scale
    5. Timeline
    6. Establishing the working team
  • Theme and programme management
  • Communication plan with the various stakeholders
  • Invitation essentials
  • Protocol Management
  • Gifts and mementos

Contingency Planning

  • Possibilities and probabilities of event failure
  • Developing the contingency plan

D-Day Management

  • Ensuring smooth execution of plan
  • Resource allocation
  • Responding to last-minute changes

Post-Event Management

  • Communication with various stakeholders
  • Evaluation and follow-up actions
  • Learning capture for future events

Stakeholder management throughout the event Course Information

Course Information

  • Course Fee: SGD$348.00
  • Categories: Management
  • Instructor: -
  • Session (Days): 1
  • Duration (Hours): 8hrs
  • Course Medium: English
  • Level: All Level
  • Course Date: 29 June 2018

SkillFuture Reference: CRS-N-0040258

This course is full day, starting at 9am until 6pm. The cost is inclusive of all materials, refreshments and snacks. Course date/venue subject to change if warranted by circumstances.

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