Course Details

Course Title: Personal Development: Personal Skills - Time and Stress Management

Course Language: English

Qualification Required: All Level are welcome

Mode-Of-Training: Classroom

Duration: 9am - 6pm (Lunch break 1hr)

Job Level: Everyone who need to manage time and stress

“I don’t have time!” How often have we heard these words? We have even said it ourselves. Take a moment and reflect. How often have we wasted our time away without realising it? Thus, a better understanding and awareness of how we spend our time and learning the technique to help us improve our time management would help us to be more focused and spend our time productively. After all, time is a scarce and valuable resource.

Course Objective

  • Have a better knowledge of the effects of stress and the need to manage stress
  • Identify the time wasters in your life
  • Apply the techniques in managing yourself to better manage the time to reduce the stress and be more effective in your work

Course Content

What is Stress ?

  • stress vs stressors
  • negative effects of stress
  • positive effects of stress-management

Managing Stress and Time Management

  • manage yourself
  • taking charge
  • understanding the 2 circles in your life
  • practice optimism
  • avoid procrastination
  • why people procrastinate
  • ways to avoid/correct the most common forms of procrastination

Organise your workload to prevent over commitment

  • 80/20 rule
  • gaining focus
  • urgent vs important
  • weekly planning and daily dos list

Getting trapped in your anger

Handle interruptions

  • time log
  • learning to use the 'straight' or 'soft' No to persistent offenders

Course Information

  • Course Fee: SGD$388.00
  • Categories: Personal Development
  • Instructor: -
  • Session (Days): 1
  • Duration (Hours): 8hrs
  • Course Medium: English
  • Level: All Level
  • Course Date: 29 June 2018

SkillsFuture Reference: CRS-N-0040667

This course is full day, starting at 9am until 6pm. The cost is inclusive of all materials, refreshments and snacks. Course date/venue subject to change if warranted by circumstances.

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